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While a lot of us have kids, and kids do play this game, we also understand that this game is M (17+) due to full on nudity and violence.

With that in mind our stance is as follows:

General nudity is allowed. This includes mild display of genitals such as how Rust characters appear in game with censoring disabled. Very close up pictures of just genitals are not allowed. Explicit sex acts (penetration, oral, 'money shots', fluids, etc.) are not allowed. Mild touching or fondling is allowed. Any content that depicts blatantly underage content whether real or fictitious art, is not allowed. By blatant, we mean visuals that appear extremely underaged (ie. Looks like an 8 year old).

Ultimately, the golden rule here is - We all love some n00ds. We all love a little dash of nekkid ladies or dudes. But let's be tasteful with it and not be cringe or creepy. And keep in mind you could put our servers at risk if you really push the barriers with things you post to signs.

And for the record, all sign drawings and /sil uses are completely logged directly to the admin team (even if you quickly change it to something else). We have the ability to just scroll the entire log file with the full images visible to us alongside your name and SteamID. So please keep that in mind. We scroll through those logs almost daily, and some of y'all need Jesus.

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