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Deployable Guidelines

General Guideline - These are our suggested limits.  We are not too concerned with these but constant or egregious violations will get attention

Desired Guideline - These guidelines are more strict than the base guidelines but not constantly monitored unless reported or meet other criteria (location, number of other bases, number of other violations, etc.)

Strict Guidelines - These are as close to being rules as possible.  Players with few violations, or on the edge of the map, or in an uncrowded area, or a low pop server, or close to PVP prep might slide by.

Rule - These are not guidelines.  They are still set in stone rules.  And must be adhered to at all times.


Items not listed anywhere else: 16 solo / 24 clan
Rugs (any type): 6 total
Specific Base Decor
Weapon Racks (any type): 2 solo / 4 clan
/sil Images
2 per player or 5 within a 75m radius (this is plugin enforced and will notify you in game if exceeding limit.
Plugins can fail so players are asked to keep this rule in mind)
Fun Deployables
Items not listed anywhere else: 16 solo / 24 clan

Defense / Base Fortification

Auto Turrets
6 total until PVP Prep Time at which point there is no limit but must be kept reasonable
(Example: Nightmare bases are NOT reasonable)
Barricades / Traps
12 total of any type combined
(does not include gun/flame traps)


4 Total
Other Lights
(total among all non spotlight types): 14 solo / 24 clan
(Deluxe Xmas lights count as 1 light per 10 ft deployed)
2 total
(You can buy a 300 continuous power, no fuel, test gen in town for either paper or by trading in multiple windmills which can be crafted. Can also be obtained via quests or zombie hordes. Windmills are an extreme frame rate killing object.)

Farming / Agriculture

2 Total
Fish Traps
5 Total
4 Total
(note: our poop rate is customized and extremely limited. All players can spawn their own personal locked horse with /horse)
(any size): 9 per solo or 18 per clan
Water Barrel
3 per solo / 6 per clan 
Water Catchers
3 per solo / 6 per clan
Water Pumps
4 per solo / 6 per clan
(did you know most of our oceans are fresh water?)

Utility / Functional

Fire Entities
4 solo / 8 clan
(any deployable that emits fire and is not a furnace/BBQ)
7 Small / 7 Large / 7 Electric
(10 solo / 15 clan - total of any combination not to exceed 7 of one type)
Mixing Table
2 solo / 4 clan
2 solo / 4 clan
Vending Machine
8 total / 12 clan
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