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Known Issues

Periodically certain problems arise that just cannot be resolved.  These can be map Rust related, plugin related, map related, etc.   Things listed on this page will not be supported by the admin team as they are known issues that do not have an available solution to them.  Players are encouraged to keep an eye on update-log or announcements in our Discord for new issues that arise and might be added to this list.

Miner's hat fuel stacks

When adding a large stack of fuel to a miners hat or candle hat, drag the stack to the hat on your clothing bar. Do NOT just click the hat and then drag the stack to the hat inventory panel (that appears above your inventory panel) as this is a bug with Rust that will delete your entire stack of fuel

Tagging raid base via NPC kills

Killing an NPC at a raid base does not always lock the base to you. Neither does fire damage. You need to use something explosive on the base and/or actually break something on the base to guarantee it gets locked to you.

Erroneous "Cannot build here" messages

Example: "Too close to airfield" even though you are across the map from it trying to build on a river or something. Something with Facepunch's patch has the build error messages all jumbled. Just pay no mind to them. Nothing we can do about it, another core rust function we have no control over.

"Couldn't download level" error when connecting

This just means your computer was not able to communicate with Dropbox (where our maps are hosted). When you connect to a server Rust downloads the map to your local hard drive. These are stored in the maps folder of Rust (typically "Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\maps"). This directory can be completely cleared out anytime you wish without harming anything. But if your ISP or some other factor is stopping you from downloading our map you will get this error. Some countries even block Dropbox. Just open a support ticket and we will provide you with an alternative download of the map file which you can just manually stick in your Rust maps directory and then you will be able to connect just fine.

Heli loot lock mix-ups

If 2 players call heli too close to each other, its possible the crash sites will mix-up loot and apply loot locks to the wrong party.  You can simply wait out the loot lock timer and both helis will be lootable.

Raid Base completion credit after disconnect

There has been an ongoing bug that if you get disconnected from the server during a raid base you might not get credit for the completion of that raid base (RP reward, even quest completion).  Sadly this bug has been extremely elusive.  Nivex has been working on this bug for almost the entirety of 2023 and has not been able to solve it yet.  It is being listed as a known issue until it can be resolved.

Throwing items on the ground to another player at close range

With the most recent update a new glitch seems to have been introduced.  If players are "trading" by throwing items at each other's feet there seems to be some sort of player hitbox collider issue that forces the items under the map.  It seems to only happen if players stand close together and throw items at each other's feet.  Once an item falls under the map there is no chance of recovering it as there is no terrain under there.  The item will fall and throw an "invalid position" error which causes Rust to delete it.  We suggest players use /trade for now.  Without a Shadowplay or similar video clip we cannot replace lost items.

Odd characters or emoji-only names causing error spam

The recent updates appear to have sparked off a new type of error that is being spammed in some of our plugins error logs.  This can eventually cause a server crash if left unchecked.  The names that are causing this are when players write their name with emojis are strange format characters.  The easiest way to tell would be to open up any GUI in game that shows player names (ie. /tp, /transfer, etc) and look for a name with just "???" or completely blank with "  ".  If that is you, we need you to pick a different name and relog immediately.

Self-owned fire can destroy your corpse bag

Players are able to 'self damage' on our servers.  Meaning that if you own an object and you 'own' the damage it is allowed to pass.  This is mainly configured for base mechanics but has some side effects such as destroying your own corpse bag.  Players using incen or other tactics to kill NPCs need to be cautious that the fire they carpet the area with is capable of destroying their corpse (if they die) and contents of that corpse.  After months of investigating random corpse disappearances we finally tracked it down to fire used by the player.  This was confirmed in a log entry recently showing the player's fire as the cause for the bag to be destroyed.  Be warned!

Weapon racks are not yet stable

There have been numerous reports across all servers (not just ours) that weapon racks are randomly wiping their contents.  There are also known issues with players being able to steal from them despite any locks or protection plugins.  This is a Facepunch thing so we have no ETA on a fix.  This listing will get deleted and announced in update-log if they ever fix these issues.  But for now, use weapon racks at your own risk of randomly losing their contents.

Skinning some DLC special items can destroy enchantments

When skinning certain DLC items that have a different short name it will remove all of your enchantments from that item.  A good example would be skinning a metal facemask into an ice facemask.  The ice facemask is a completely different item behind the scenes.  So when you skin your facemask into that, the game is actually just deleting your old facemask and giving you an ice one.  There may be other items than stated in this example.  To figure out if your DLC item is indeed a whole new item you can check the list of Rust Item Shortnames.  For example you can search "facemask" and see that there are multiple types.  That is the indicator of the issue described here.

Losing enchantments from items lost
Despite how you lose items, if we cannot physically pick up the item ourselves (ie. Your bag is under the map you just cannot get to it) we have no way of replacing enchantments on said items.  Even if none of it was your fault, and we are fully supportive and spawning in replacement equipment for you, we still have no way of verifying any enchantments on those items.  This is a limitation of plugins communicating with each other.  For example our death plugin can see bags despawning and post a note to our console informing us of such.  But it has no way of knowing what enchantments were on those items.  To the core game, there is no such thing as enchantments, they only virtually exist and are not actually physically there. 

So let me re-state this in one clear bold statement .... no matter the reason, if you lose items that have enchantments on them, we cannot replace those enchantments.  Period.  There are zero exceptions to this.  If we can recover the actual items (ie. not spawn them in, but actually put hands on them) you are safe and your enchantments should be safe.  But in all other cases they are gone.  

Also understand, this is not a "policy stance".  Trust me, if there was a way to know, and your loss was due to a glitch I would absolutely spawn them in for you.  But that is not the case, we physically have no way of knowing or verifying.  Period.  No exceptions.  
Using the minigun or new flamethrower in /s or /m will not work
Do NOT put the new minigun or flamethrower into the `/m` markets. Apparently they do not work with it. No ETA on a fix, or if there will be one. We cannot afford to keep re-customizing all of our plugins every time Facepunch releases some new money grab DLC item or some other new broken item. This is your warning, do not try to do anything with those two items in the shops or markets, you will lose your stuff.
Vanilla backpack item is not safe or supported by us
The new vanilla backpack item (the one you physically equip) is a new item and is not currently integrated into our plugin that prevents players from looting your stuff.  We did not create that plugin and have no way of protecting these vanilla backpacks.  We provide you with a huge plugin backpack that does not even drop on death in PVE situations, and can be upgraded to 5 pages of backpack space with skills.  We protect that one.  We do not lock or protect the vanilla ones.  Use them at your own risk they can be stolen. 
Quests not tracking progress
The quest plugin is garbage.  The other quest plugins out there are even more garbage.  We are working on getting a custom quest plugin designed for us so we can stop using these garbage ones.  Between quests not working correctly half the time, and players exploiting the ones that do work all the time, this plugin is one of our most hated things we have on these servers.

We do not offer any support for quests that fail to track progress.  We don't take this stance because we are lazy, we take it because there is quite literally nothing we can do about it.  There is no 'fix'.  The quest information is stored in a single data file, so we cannot just manually alter the data without destroying everyone else's quests.  And there is no command or button we can click as admins to just "complete" your quest for you. 

And we cannot spawn in the quest rewards for you because then everyone would claim their quests broke so they could do them twice.  It all falls back under our "fair treatment across the board" if we did for one (the honest person) we'd have to do that for all, which includes the dishonest ones.  So let this be your warning, sometimes quests just do not track right.  Consider it part of the difficulty and keep trucking along.  No need to put a ticket in there is literally nothing we can do about quests just failing to track progress on rare occasion.
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