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The Golden Rule

Above anything else, ask yourself the following two questions ....

  • Would I be ok if someone else did this to me?
  • Would I do this if there was an admin floating over my shoulder watching?

If the answer to either of those questions is "No" then you are breaking our rules. These rules may not cover every scenario. Zombie Land staff reserves the right to handle any unique situations that fall outside the scope of these rules.

General Rules
Don't be a dick / No drama

This rule honestly should not need explanation. This space will be reserved to include examples as they arise in real time.

No cheating/exploiting

Exploits defined: (Note: Exploits are not cheating, they are defined as abusing settings, configurations, mechanics, bugs, loopholes, etc. to gain an advantage that was not intended to be possible

  • Building a FOB or Raid Base outside or in close proximity to another player during PVE times that you intend to raid come PVP time.
  • Trying to "head glitch" an NPC is not an intended function. If you are able to harm and NPC and he cannot harm you or is not attempting to harm you, this is not an intentional design and should be reported as a bug immediately.  This also includes the NPC AI getting stuck and not attacking you in return.
  • Using Chinook to bypass SAM sites in any situation (PVE or PVP) is considered an exploit and will have your vehicle privs removed.
  • Spawning personal vehicle campers on Oil Rig to have a "mobile base" or spawn point is considering exploitation of the plugin's mechanic to bypass normal game restrictions (you cannot drive there in normal Rust).  The /spawn and /recall feature are meant get your vehicle out when it is stuck or left behind, or to spawn it for transportation after putting it away.  Leaving them on Raid Base islands when not in use is also prohibited.  This also includes town car lift.  Work on your vehicle if need be and then get it away from town completely.  If we continue to have issues with modular campers we will remove them from the personal vehicles plugin.  Any camper found on oil rig, on the town car lift, or completely abandoned on Raid Base island (we search the area for the owner) will be immediately destroyed by an admin and materials or contents will not be refunded or recovered.
No hate speech

  • Hate speech is at admin discretion. It is not bound just to racism or homophobia. Anything that specifically and overtly targets any group of people with intent to insult, harm, r/l threaten, harass, etc. based on their skin color, sex, religion, political stance, major disability, marital status, financial status, etc. What might not offend you, might offend others. We do not provide a "snowflake sanctuary" but at the same time we do not want to emotionally harm others or facilitate such actions. The world is a cruel place, and most of Rust is on par with that. Let's try to set aside a little oasis of kindness here on Zombie Land and keep the hate out.
  • Racial/homophobic slurs are an immediate 4 hour mute by automated script. Further infractions will increase this time. 3rd strike is a ban. In some severe cases an admin may interject and perma ban someone on the first infraction.
  • Religion/Politics are strictly forbidden from all public chat due to the current stance of today's society not being able to tolerate different opinions or thoughts. Keep these discussions private and out of chat. Signs/pics on your base are fine if they do not violate other rules. If someone's political or religious base offends you, walk away.
  • No racist, homophobic, or hate visuals allowed. This includes character name, discord name, signs, pictures, fireworks, or any other method of posting pictures or words. This does not include religion/politics.
Treat all others with respect

We are all here to have a good time.  You never know what someone else might be going through in life.  The world is full of hate and anger.  The gaming world is full of toxicity and trolls.  We would like a getaway from all the stress life has to offer.  Show some kindness towards others.  We do not tolerate toxicity here.  And that includes how you treat the staff.

No actions that will have a significant negative effect on server performance, players enjoyment of our server, or the duties of our staff.

  • Despawning Loot:  We do not allow players to dump mass quantities of loot on the ground.  This can cause PhysX collision Unity crashes and is considered a malicious attack on the servers.

  • Constantly running the same major monument back to back without giving other players a chance to attempt the content is considered a detrimental action to the other players' ability to enjoy themselves on our servers and progress in their game play.  You are permitted to run whatever monuments you desire whenever you desire, but if you are constantly running the same one back to back please take a break and let some others have a chance.

  • Purging Loot for PVP:  Players purposely throwing loot away or despawning it so that others cannot have a chance for it on PVP day is considered a griefing action and is not permitted.  You are more than welcome to sell everything you can.  But there is a reason not everything is able to be sold for Zeds.  Our PVP day is meaningless if everyone despawns everything they have.  Players caught doing so will be considered in violation of this rule.  If you do not take part in PVP day, just leave your leftover stuff so others can enjoy raiding and feel as though they've at least received some sort of loot from doing so.
Build Guidelines and Deployable Guidelines shall be followed as closely as possible.
Do not take items that you didn't earn.
  • Taking loot from dead NPCs another player killed without their permission
  • Rushing through a keycard door someone else opened and taking loot inside
  • "Grubbing" from a despawned raid base without permission even if the person has left the area
  • Authorizing on and/or taking from an unlocked TC
Oil rigs and Cargo Ship are first come

The first player with "boots on the ground" has claim to these monuments until they leave or die.  Other players are not permitted to kill NPCs or take loot unless authorized by the first person with "boots on the ground".  If that player dies or leaves then the monument is fair game to anyone regardless of how long they were gone.  Sniping NPCs from a distance does not count as "boots on the ground".  Someone flying over you as you snipe NPCs and landing on a rig does not mean they stole it from you.  You should have set foot on it first.

Any accusations against another player or staff require video or screenshot proof
We do not allow 3rd party apps/scripts/macros

RustLink, Rust+ Bot, RustControl, etc. or any forms of auto-clickers, scripts, etc. that subvert Idle/AFK status.

Do not set off more than 4 fireworks or supply signals at a time

For supply signals, please wait for the crate to be on the ground from the 4th signal before continuing to throw more.  If this is during PVE time (crates instant spawn) then you should be able to throw them pretty quickly.  During PVP time (cargo plane must come drop them) we are very strict about this rule as too many cargo planes can cause a Unity engine error that can potentially crash a server.   Admins will delete any falling airdrops after the 4th and will not refund anything.  Extreme violations of this may result in a ban as it is seen as an attempted attack on our servers.

Do not fight any content from Town

Town is a spot for players to pick up quests, use recyclers and workbenches, or to gather and socialize.  We do not allow players to fight heli or NPCs from Town.  If you aggro either, you need to leave the area immediately regardless of it being on purpose or not.  Do not engage from town, the rockets or explosives will kill other players.

Admin Accusations

Accusing admins of abuse/bias/favoritism/etc without evidence and without reporting it directly to Owner/Leads can result in a ban. This type of false accusation can poison a server and destroy it from the inside. We take this extremely seriously and will ban on sight for such. If you have a legitimate claim, and evidence to back it, submit it to those in charge and if found to be credible after reviewing the evidence the administrator in question will be dealt with.  When legitimate claims arise we take it even more seriously than we do players breaking our rules.  Admin abuse is the highest crime in our community and is dealt with harshly.  But so is falsely accusing admins of such.

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