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Power Hour

The last few hours of every wipe we switch on a game mode we like to call Power Hour.

During this time players are given unlimited amounts of ... pretty much everything ... and get to just let loose and destroy the world right before we wipe.  If you die, which you will, just respawn and grab your power hour kit again and go have fun.

We also turn on some toys during power hour.  Minicopters with full weapons systems (machine guns, missiles, heat seekers, bombs, etc.).  Driveable bradley tanks.  And shoulder fired SAMs.

Admins are permitted to abuse their abilities during Power Hour, but are required to be out of god mode so you can at least fight back.  You get unlimited free items and toys, we get to play with our powers.  Admins are coached on how to keep this fun and not bring it to a level that feels abusive.  This game mode is just all around fun for everyone and a chance for our players and staff to blow off a little steam in a free for all setting.


To get your power hour kit you first want to clear your inventory as the kit is quite large. So first type /strip to quickly clear your inventory. Then type /kit and select the Power Hour kit. It is pictured below ...

Armed MiniCopters
The Power Hour kit has scrap to purchase a minicopter at Bandit Camp (use /warp to get there).  We ask that players do not fight each other at these two locations or near those locations.   Players violating this request will be banned for the 2 hours of power hour.

Once you are in a minicopter you will see the list of weapons on the far left.

The buttons are as follows
Middle Mouse Click:  Cycle through the weapons
Left Mouse Button: Fire Primary weapon
Right Mouse Button:  Fire Secondary weapon
E: Fire flares
Drive-able Bradleys
Get into an open area, look towards the ground a little ways ahead of you, and type /spawnbradley
If you get stuck you can /recallbradley

Once your bradley has spawned, put some low grade fuel into the tank on the rear left (pictured below).  You then go up to the side of the bradley as you would a car and 'mount'.

If you have friends with you, someone can mount the coax gun up top.  And 6 other players can ride on the bradley sides by mounting there too.  (Tip: Those players can also use their own weapons.  So in essence you could have the tank main cannon, the coax machine gun, and 6 guys firing m249s or rockets)

To drive your bradley simply use the same keys you use to drive a car in Rust.

The buttons are as follows
Shift:  Speed boost
Left Mouse Button: Fire canon
Right Mouse Button:  Fire coax
L: Toggle lights
Shoulder Fired SAM
To counter all these vehicles, we also provide shoulder fired heat seeking missiles.   These special rockets will lock on to all targets.  Tanks, minicopters, patrol heli, chinook, players, NPCs, even chickens.

To use these, simply load a "Smoke Rocket WIP!!" into your rocket launcher.  These are provided in your power hour kit.  See the bottom left stack of 100 rockets in the power hour kit screen shot above.

Once these are loaded into a rocket launcher, simply aim down the sights to acquire a lock on.

Once your target lock goes green, you may fire, and the rocket will do it's best to attempt to reach the target.

Note:  These rockets have a realistic turning radius and speed.  So they can actually be dodged or avoided.
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