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Server Customizations

This is the master list of every modification on our server that apply to vanilla operations that have been altered. This does not apply to plugins. If something else seems "different" to you while playing on our server, either Facepunch changed it or your last server you are comparing us to changed it without telling you. If it is not in this list, it is completely vanilla and not modified in any way. There is no grey area here. Modded or not modded. If it is not on this list we are not in control of it and therefor cannot provide any support for it. Keep in mind, this is not a list of all our plugins and mods, just a list of settings we change from what vanilla does (in other words we are not listing Zombies popping out of barrels, that is quite obviously a mod).

Locked Crates

The timer on all our locked crates is reduced. No need for long delays in a PVE environment

Custom NPCs
If it is not a blue scientist or a heavy (oil rig or cargo) it is a custom NPC and has been modified. These NPCs do normal gun damage (instead of the little plink plink damage a blue scientist does). So they still hit like a truck since they do real weapon damage.
Loot locking
We lock heli and bradley loot to the highest damage dealer. This includes harvesting.
No Durability
Veterans get a modified durability rate on our server (no durability except in certain situations like raid bases) for all some weapons and tools. This feature does not work inside raid bases.
Looting Players' Things
You cannot loot players on our server during normal operations. And you cannot loot their deployables if inside a TC radius.
Random Spawn Points
We do not do beach spawning, but instead have a random spawn system that means fresh spawns can start anywhere
Stack Sizes
These are greatly increased across the board
Horse Poop Rate
Originally we had changed this to make it BETTER, but then Facepunch greatly increased the rates which made our setting actually LOWER. But we feel it is too much and have left it as is.
You cannot damage other players or their structures/deployables with the exception of Twig (except during PVP day or in PVP zones)
Airdrop Speed
Our air drops will instant spawn at the location of the supply signal toss except during PVP day. The vanilla cargo plane event still falls at normal speed.
We have numerous custom monuments that are designed differently than typical Rust monuments.
We can only add 'decorations' to vanilla monuments but they are still completely vanilla at their core as we cannot disassemble them in the map editor. So if you see their name on the map, they are vanilla underneath decorative type modifications.

Harbor is configured to not have Cargoship dock.  While this is not an alteration to a vanilla monument, it is an alteration to a vanilla function.  It causes too many issues with clipping into terrain which can destroy player bases.  We also already have enough fighting over Cargoship we do not need it to be easier to board.
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