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In-Game Store and Marketplace

This plugin consists of two major parts, the in-game store and the marketplace. The in-game store is something most of our players are used to via /s. It is where players can shop the Bandit-Camp or Outpost machines, where players can spend their Zeds and Bits in what used to be Town vending machines, and can spend their RP in what was the /s RP store.

Notable Features

Last Screen Memorization

One of the greatest feature in this new system lies in its state memorization. Of course there are limits and possibilities for bugs, but for the most part this feature works pretty flawlessly. When you close the store it memorizes the last window you were in so that when you open it back up you can continue where you left off.

On the fly access

We are currently not limiting access to this in just Town. This could be a feature in the future but at this time we are trying not to complicate things with constant customizations made to the plugin as we typically do.

Cached data system

Shop and Market data is cached on the server and updates itself on timed intervals. This allows a much faster click through rate on the UI system. Anyone that plays any amount of modded Rust knows how clunky and slow UI menus can be. This caching system lets users click through the shops and markets very quickly.

Auction House style buy/sell offers

Players looking for an item can post a Buy Offer which allows other players to sell them the item. Players can also place a Sell Offer when they'd like to list something for sale rather than placing it in a vending machine. These offers are at a 'per unit' basis meaning if you offer 10,000 wood for sale the price you set is per 1 wood. It does take decimals. The same goes for buy offers. Player ranks limit how many total listings you can create. From regulars up to Champion you get more and more listings available to you. These settings could change as we test things.

Dynamic supply/demand pricing

Prices in the sell to server section are dynamic and rise or fall based on the supply and demand of players selling those items to the server. Players can track the price history through price plot charts.

The default section when opening the new /s is the traditional shops.

These operate in the same way one would think. There are a few things you might notice on this screen that were not present in the previous implementations:

  • Each shop has a small description underneath, some of which contain useful information you might need to take note of
  • Notice the "Balance" section for each shop. This is the bank feature and will be explained further down this page

This is similar to an auction house from games such as World of Warcraft. It allows players to list items for sale or to list items they wish to buy. It also allows for selling to the server, a feature we used in the old store for liquidating some resources and other items. The sell to server prices are affected by supply and demand. Items flooding the market from players selling them to the server can cause prices to decrease, and a short supply of items being sold to the server can cause prices to increase. Players can also view a historical price chart so they can see how the market has been trending. The higher your rank the larger data pool you can see on your chart (up to 4 weeks back for Champion rank).

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