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(150 hours)

  • Access to /sethome for 5 homes
  • Access to /home up to 40 times per day
  • Access to /tp up to 999 times per day with a 0 sec delay
  • Access to /warp up to 999 times per day with a 0 sec delay
  • Access to the following vehicles from /license
    /boat/horse/small, /medium, /large/car, /train, /locomotive /hab, /subsolo, /subduo/snow, /tsnow/subway, /rhib/mini, /transport,  
  • Access to /tpcorpse up to 15 times per day
  • 50% RP gain on all activities
  • 10% XP bonus on all activities
  • 50% discount on respec costs
  • 15% discount on RP items in /s
  • Access to VIP/Veteran/Champion only cosmetics in /s
  • Access to VIP/Veteran/Champion only skins in /skin shop
  • No Durability on guns when outside of raid bubble
  • Champion title and colored chat in game

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