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Top Voter* / Top Donator*

  • Access to /sethome for 5 homes
  • Access to /home up to 40 times per day
  • Access to /tp up to 999 times per day with a 0 sec delay
  • Access to /warp up to 999 times per day with a 0 sec delay
  • Access to the following vehicles from /license
    /boat/horse/car, /train, /ctrain (complete train)/locomotive /hab, /subsolo, /subduo/snow, /tsnow /subway, /rhib, /ch47 (chinook)
  • Access to /tpcorpse up to 15 times per day
  • 10% XP bonus on all activities
  • 50% discount on respec costs
  • 10% discount on Zed items in /s
  • Access to VIP/Veteran only cosmetics in /s
  • Access to VIP/Veteran only skins in /skin shop
  • No Durability on guns when outside of raid bubble

* Top donator is calculated during the final few hours of force wipe and is assigned manually to the player after the all clear is given
* Top voter is tallied and logged automatically during the final few hours of force wipe and is manually assigned to the top voters of each server after the all clear is given.  In the event of a tie, each player tying will get the top voter rank.

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