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Building Guidelines

General Guideline - These are our suggested limits.  We are not too concerned with these but constant or egregious violations will get attention

Desired Guideline - These guidelines are more strict than the base guidelines but not constantly monitored unless reported or meet other criteria (location, number of other bases, number of other violations, etc.)

Strict Guidelines - These are as close to being rules as possible.  Players with few violations, or on the edge of the map, or in an uncrowded area, or a low pop server, or close to PVP prep might slide by.

Rule - These are not guidelines.  They are still set in stone rules.  And must be adhered to at all times.

Foundation Carpeting

Spreading out foundations is only permissible for laying out a future build design (for PVP day)


Not acceptable

China Walls

China walls need to stay at a foundational level until PVP Prep Time.


Do not use foundations to create sidewalks, bridges, etc.


NOT Acceptable

External TCs

One ring of external TCs is acceptable if they are placed tightly up against your existing base building priv radius.  If you’re building a multi tc build, that counts as your ring of TCs. Past that, no additional external TCs. During PVP Prep Time, you can add pill boxes or TC off critical build areas near you (high rocks etc) as long as it's only a few extra TCs.

Hold a building planner in your hand and slowly walk away from your main base. The instant that "Building Priv" text disappears from the bottom right of your screen you may place an external TC. No further than that.



Community Villages/Towns

No compounding off community type builds (city, towns, etc.) until PVP Prep Time.


NOT Acceptable

High Walls

One ring of high walls is permitted with as little empty space as possible inside that single ring. During PVP Prep Time you may place multiple rings of walls but are asked to still keep them with as little empty space as possible (this is actually a smarter defensive tactic too)

Acceptable PVP Prep
NOT Acceptable
Deployable Spread

Keep all deployables near your base. Random deployables found around the map will be deleted with a few exceptions (sleeping bag, etc.)



Base Pre-Approval

Laying a footprint out in fortify and submitting to us ahead of time is a great way to avoid wasting your time by getting it approved ahead of time.



Shell Structures

No "shell" structures permitted until PVP Prep Time. Shell structures are defined as large mostly empty buildings without valid function/purpose. Keep your base size in-line with the contents of the base.

The examples below have had their transparency adjusted to better show the base contents as compared to the base size.

Map Bugs

Report map bugs such as holes or gaps in rocks, do not build in them.

Compounds / Large Builds

Players building compounds or large PVP style bases are to keep the base layout to a foundation only level, except for a small central structure to live out of, until PVP prep time. This includes building scaffolding style wall frames, pill boxes, external structures, etc.  This also includes the new 'meta' of shell bases where the outter layers are not part of the inner structure but are themselves self sustaining separate buildings (based off of TC) such as the screen shot below (see the gaps between the sections).  This new style has become very popular lately and is a major violation of our build guidelines and should be considered a set in stone rule.


NOT Acceptable

Temporary Structures

If building temp structures (cover for raid base, scaffolding to climb, etc.) you must remove them as soon as possible when finished. If we find random deployables or structures littering the map we will hand deliver them to your front door .... right in front of your front door


NOT Acceptable

Clan Consolidation

Clans need to consolidate their builds. You do not need each member having their own base, own farm, etc

Clans are given more leeway with build sizes and our deployable limits rules with the expectation that we ultimately save on space/entities because those clans living in one larger base versus half a dozen smaller bases is net positive.


NOT Acceptable

Furnace Bases/Enclosures

We do not allow enclosing Large Furnaces inside a structure any higher than 1 foundation (no walls, just foundations) which in itself is not necessary. As long as you furnace is in your build priv it cannot be accessed by others. On top of that, we run a plugin that allows placing locks on large furnaces.

Custom Build Spots

Custom Build Spots will always be designated by a sign built into the map (picture below) alerting the player that this is a custom build spot and stating the rules for custom build spots. This is to prevent any claim if "I didn't know".

Due to that fact, and the thousands of entities it takes per map to make those signs, we are extremely strict on this rule and offer no exceptions. If these rules are too constricting to you, then do not build in a custom build spot. It is just that simple.

Full functional bases must be built within 6 hours of placing a TC or the "claim" will be deleted by the admin team without warning

Players building in a custom build spot are not permitted to build any other bases on the map. 1x1 spots are permitted and may only contain a TC and sleeping bag. These are allowed for use as respawn points or teleport spots. No exceptions. Not even a chair or a lantern.

Clans/Groups claiming a custom build spot cannot have more than one and must abide by the rest of the rules listed here. Attempts to bypass these rules by splitting up will result in a ban. We do track these things and have ways of looking up your history of clanning or teaming.

When a player is found to have built another structure (excluding the above mentioned 1x1s) that additional structure will be completely destroyed by the admin team without warning and without returning any contents of the structure. The sign is your warning. There are no exceptions to this and no items will be refunded or returned.

NOTE: With the recent addition of tug boats we want to alert players of our official stance that these are indeed considered extra structures and are in violation of this rule if you have a custom build spot.  The tug boat will get ent_kill'ed by an admin.  Additionally, PVP day and "PVP Prep" do not cancel out the custom build spot rule.  You may not build extra structures for PVP if you are in a custom build spot or auth'ed on a TC in a custom build spot.

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