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Markets are far more complex than Shops.  But each market is pretty similar to the others.  We will use the Zeds market as an example but all of them work the same with the exception of the RP market not requiring you to deposit into a bank and having a listing tax fee.  The physical markets (Bits, Zeds, and Enchanting) do not charge a listing fee.


When you open a market you will notice there are some new categories at the top that are not present in shops:

My Listings:  Shows any current buy or sell orders you have on that particular market
Bank Management: Here you can deposit items to be later sold to the server (note: this is not the same as depositing currency)
Favorites: Each shop and market allows you to favorite items by clicking the little star in the top left corner of an item thumbnail

Also notice an additional filter, Buy/Sell Offers Only.  The server sell filter will only show items that are available to be sold to the server (this is the equivalent to selling resources to /s for RP).  


Market Actions

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Item Details

Clicking on any item in the market will bring up the details window for that item.  What options are available can depend on the specific item.  For example in the screenshots below the Server Sell Offer section would be empty if the item was not allowed to be sold to the server.

Server Sell Offer: This area shows the current price you can sell the item to the server for.  These prices are dynamic and are driven by supply and demand.  There are min/max limits on price so that it never falls too low or never rises too high.  We want some play in those values but do not want them being heavily nerfed or buffed to the point of causing disruption.    (note: these are the main numbers that will be tweaked over time as we being data in from play testing)

Sell to Server: This will open up the window used in selling items to the server.  This can also be accessed directly for the RP market with /sell which can be bound to a hotkey for on the fly resource selling.

Sell from Bank: If you put any items into the market bank for later selling to the server via the Bank Management category, this is the button that sells from there.

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