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Skills System

This system works much like an MMORPG where actions you perform will gain XP. As you gain XP you will level and earn skill points to spend on various skills.


  • Use /st in order to open the skill menu
  • Tier 2 - Requires 10 points in Tier 1 skills
  • Tier 3 - Requires 25 total points spent in skills
  • Ultimate - Requires 75 total points spent in skills
  • All points needed for tier unlocks are per tree

Respec Skills

  • In order to respec and spend your points differently you will need Zeds  per skill point in order to respec.  Each time you respec via this method, the cost increases for the next time.   Veteran and higher ranks get a discount on their respec costs.
  • We understand however that players want to try different skills so from the 12th-14th of the month, a free respec option can be found here on our store.
  • NOTE: The store is only used to trigger the command, there is no need for any card info and it is FREE

Death Penalties

  • XP loss is calculated based off of the XP you have in the current level times the death penalty percentage.  
  • XP loss will never dip you below your current level.
  • Ranks above VIP level will have a reduced death penalty percentage as a perk
  • We are able to dynamically toggle the penalty on and off. This allows us to switch it off during hosted events and also keep it off for PVP day

Rank Perks

Veteran / VetGold / TopVoter / TopDonator

  • Global increased XP earned bonus
  • Death penalty XP loss reduction
  • Reduced respec costs


Showing the skill tree

/st , /skilltree, /skills


/score, /scoreboard, /sb, /pc

XP stat


Toggle the XP display (the one in the air as you earn XP)


Toggle the XP bar visibility


Move the XP bar


Toggle your lvl chat title on/off


Skill Tree Details

Click a link below to see the full tree

  • Build / Craft
  • Scavenging
  • Mining
  •  Woodcutting
  • Skinning
  •  Harvesting
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