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There are many factors that can influence your base getting admin attention.  Which server you are on (high pop vs low pop), location on the map (closer to the center or high traffic areas), how far into the wipe, how many people share the base, how many other bases you have, how many other deployables you have, etc.  Please do not respond with "But I saw a base bigger than this last wipe" as you do not know the other factors that go into our judgement calls on these things.

The term "PVP Prep Time" is defined as 48 hours leading up to a wipe.  The rules that expand or dissolve during "PVP Prep Time" do not expand or dissolve on servers without PVP day.

Some limits are increased for players in a clan. You must be in a clan (type /clan) in game with active members. These limits are server wide.  Attempting to circumvent these limits by building multiple bases will not suffice.

Color Coding Legend

General Guideline - These are our suggested limits.  We are not too concerned with these but constant or egregious violations will get attention

Desired Guideline - These guidelines are more strict than the base guidelines but not constantly monitored unless reported or meet other criteria (location, number of other bases, number of other violations, etc.)

Strict Guidelines - These are as close to being rules as possible.  Players with few violations, or on the edge of the map, or in an uncrowded area, or a low pop server, or close to PVP prep might slide by.

Rule - These are not guidelines.  They are still set in stone rules.  And must be adhered to at all times.

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