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Gift Card Use

Using a gift card in our donations store is quite easy.  We frequently use gift cards when giving away prizes or packages because it not only puts the player in control of when they receive their gift, but it also allows them to change what their gift is depending on their own preferences.   

Please keep in mind, we have a strict policy of never offering perks for donation that are not available for free just by playing on our servers.  There are no exceptions to this.

  • Head on over to our store and pick what you'd like to receive. 
    If you decide on something that costs more than your gift card value, it simply deducts that amount from your total.

  • Be sure to select the correct server!  The donor ranks are separated into their own server sub-categories due to these being the most popular packages and erroneous server selection being a common mistake.  All other packages are contained under different sections and will allow you to select your server during the checkout process.

  • During the checkout process you will find an area to enter a coupon code or gift card code.  Simply paste your code and click Apply and it should be deducted from your total.  

  • After making your purchase the server takes about 1-2 minutes to process the commands after you have logged in to the server you picked.  This entire process is automated.  If you accidentally picked the wrong server and did not receive your package, do NOT log into that other server or it will complete the transaction and prevent us from altering the server you picked.  Put in a support ticket via our Discord and we will get your squared away.

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