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Wipe Length

Why is the wipe length so short?

We frequently get asked by new players why our wipes are "so short". After almost half a decade of hosting Zombie Land and giving trial to all sorts of wipe schedules, we feel we have found the sweet spot. This is due to the fact that skills progress game play much faster than one would expect. In a typical wipe full of veteran players to our servers, the average person with a full time job and family, is still hitting end game content by around day 3 to day 5. Newer players don't realize how fast they will progress and assume there is not enough time for them. We also provide a completely different custom map on every wipe.

Years ago we tested full month wipes. Actually our servers were first created on a monthly wipe schedule. It did not take long to realize how fast boredom can set in with PVE game play which is far easier than vanilla. Halfway through our month wipe players were so bored and desperate we had players that were pooling money together just to bribe us to wipe early. We of course did not take them up on the cash, but we did ultimately wipe early.

So with that we tried two week wipes instead. And this was before skills, meaning slower progression. Even then, by day 9 or 10 players were begging for us to wipe. By day 12 the servers were almost empty as everyone had done everything they could think of.

From there we switched to 10-12 day wipes (all depends on how the month is divided up). We have run that way for years now. And even still, the servers start to dwindle by about day 7.

We won't go any shorter, but we absolutely will not go longer. Our mission here is to keep our servers populated. Stretching out wipes does nothing but empty them out.

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