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"Verified" and "Linked"

There is a lot of confusion about the differences between being "Verified" in our Discord and "Linked".


Verified is quite simply a "reaction role" in Discord.  It serves no other purpose than forcing you to choose your primary server.  If you do not have the verified role in Discord you are missing about 80% of the public areas that should be available to you.   

It is quite easy to verify, simply head on over to our 📌-server-info channel and click the blue button at the bottom to select your primary server.  If you ever wish to change your primary server, just click a different button in that channel. 

If you do not have a server icon next to your name in Discord, you are not correctly verified and need to go select your primary server. 
(Note: Some roles, such as Nitro, will display their icon in place of a server icon)

The reason for this verified system is to have an identifier that tells us which server you play on to eliminate that extra step when trying to provide you with support.   If we know ahead of time we can already begin logging in to that specific server to assist you before you provide us with any details in your support ticket.  Before this system was in place we would lose precious minutes waiting for the player to answer us in the ticket when we asked what server they were on.


The linked role is obtained by visiting ZombieLand.link.  This site is nothing more than two publicly available login APIs.  Steam and Discord.  These are available for anyone to use with their website.  The data they provide is explained in further detail in our privacy policy but basically boils down to your SteamID and DiscordID, both of which are publicly available to anyone.

Once you have logged in with Steam and then with Discord, our site simply stores those two ID numbers together in an SQL database.  This is so that our support system can instantly show us who you are in game and provide us with a link to your server profile which is where all of the valuable information we need is contained including log files filtered down to your specific situation (for example: if you died recently it shows us the coordinates, date/time, what killed you, etc.).  

Having this information already available to us instantly when your ticket opens lets us provide exponentially faster support.  In the past, before this system, we would spend roughly 5-10 minutes having to ask a player to provide us more details like "What server are you on?", "What is your in game name?", "What grid were you in?", "Can you describe where this happened in that grid?", etc.

This is why we require the linked role to submit a support ticket.  This role is also required to attend our server meetings due to some extremely toxic trolls joining our meetings anonymously earlier this year and posting very disturbing and illegal content.

(Note: Some browsers report our link site as malicious.  Most likely because it is a completely empty website that does nothing more than ask you to log in with two different credentials.  There is not much we can do about that, but can assure you nothing malicious is being done.  We will gladly login directly to our SQL database and show you a screenshot of exactly what we store on our linked site.  You can also research the Steam and Discord login APIs to see that they are publicly available for anyone to use on their site and do not provide us with any personal information or malicious data.  Those two companies would get sued into oblivion if they allowed such.)

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