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RP Actions Reward Variation

Why do the RP rewards for kills vary so much?

There are 3 things that get taken into consideration when being rewarded RP:

  • What you kill/destroy
  • What you used to do it
  • Distance between you and the target

The first part of that has a static value. Everything in the game has a set RP "value" in our configs. What you use to do it with, and how far you are from it, are multipliers. These multipliers can be positive or negative. And then the final variable is distance. This is just a straight multiplier per meter.

So for example (the following numbers are all made up, we do not divulge our actual configs publicly). Let's say a zombie is valued at 10rp. Let's say a hunting bow has a multiplier of 1.2. So killing a zombie from point blank range with a bow would give you 12 RP. But killing it from 100 meters with that bow might give you 20rp. But on the other hand, let's say you use an m249 and let's say it has a multiplier of 0.1. Now if you shot the zombie point blank you would get 1 rp (0.1 times 10). RP cannot award decimals so if you get below 1 you just get 0. Nothing we can do about that part. So let's pretend a flame trap is worth 3rp, and pretend C4 has a multiplier of 0.2. And you threw some C4 on a flame trap and then stepped away just a bit. You might only get like 0.7 RP for that trap, which would then result in 0 which means you'd see nothing on your end (we do see a message on our end when this happens).

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