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Reporting Theft

A player stole my loot/crate/NPCs how do I report them?

The fist question and most important question is: did you get proof? A video or screen shot showing the actions, etc. Did you get anything?

If not, please do not submit a ticket as Rust does not log any of these interactions (looting, door opening, picking up, etc.).

This is not optional, this is not us being lazy, and this is not something that we can just "take your word for it" or "come on you guys know me". We require some form of proof otherwise everyone could just submit tickets for free stuff because "someone stole this from me" constantly. If we give one single handmade shell back to a person who had no proof, then we must give every player everything they claim was stolen from them to be fair administrators. And we obviously are not going to do that.

So in the name of fairness, we require proof. We have links to multiple recording software options in our links section. These do not just "record you playing" but instead provide you with a hotkey that allows you to save video clips of things that already happened (for example you can set it to 'save the last 90 seconds'). These have no impact on performance, and can run on a laptop while playing Rust which is hard enough as it is. And you will experience no impact.

Screen shot proof must include, without any shadow of a doubt, what happened and who did it. Just showing us a player near you or in the same monument as you is not proof. It has to be unquestionable that this person took something you earned (ie. you can literally see him rush up to some NPCs you just killed and take the loot right there in front of you).

One final form of proof is admin eyes. If the issue is ongoing, or you think the player will do it again, get an admin in game to invisibly observe. If an admin witnesses it, that counts as proof.

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