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Personal Vehicle Loss

Why did my /buy minicopter get destroyed while I was offline?

All /license vehicles (except for modular) have a configured amount of "idle minutes" before they auto /kill. This just despawns it so you can /spawn it again whenever you want.

Basically players were leaving horses and cars and minis all over the map, and we were getting flooded by constant tickets of "I keep finding XXXX and I cannot use it" because random players would find the vehicle and try to mount it. So we set all vehicles to auto /kill after being idle for too long to stop that clutter. Then players complained that their horses kept auto /kill inside their base and they were not getting enough horse shit etc.

So there is a global config option (meaning all vehicles or none) that says "Do not auto despawn if within player's TC radius" and that was set to TRUE so players would stop complaining about horse poop. In a nutshell, if your vehicle is out in the wild, it will just auto put itself back in your pocket for use again later if you leave it sitting. If you have it in your base it will never auto despawn which means it slowly decays (we cannot stop that, it is a rust function hence the auto despawn thing we do) and when it fully decays it blows up, thus destroying the vehicle.

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