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Offline Deaths

How did I die offline and can I get my stuff returned?

First off, we are unable to refund items for offline deaths. Rust does not log or track anything, not even inventory or death. We have absolutely no way of finding out what you had on you or what you lost. Even if we did, dying to normal game play is not something we cover with returning items. And Rust itself allows for players to die while logged out.

There are numerous ways you can die offline. A common way is logging out in the wild. NPCs and animals can and will kill you. Another method would be logging out in a monument near loot spawns or safe zone. This is a core Rust mechanic and it will delete you upon log in, without dropping a bag. Just deleted completely.

Other more unique ways of dying offline include someone fighting a patrol heli by your base and the napalm killing you. This is a rule violation, if someone snagged a video of it, the offender will be banned. And it is easy to diagnose this cause of death as the base will have extensive damage which we can ID "last attacker" as the patrol heli.

You could also be sleeping too close to an open window or opening in your base and a wandering horde can aggro you (or even a Bradley if you live near a road). If the horde aggros you there is a high probability they will lob some grenades into your base and kill you. Even logging out near a wall can leave your feet hanging out of your base which is enough to get a grenade pillow from a horde (see screen shot below).

Either way, it falls on the player to log out in a responsible area. All of the above scenarios are normal gameplay and working as intended therefor we cannot refund lost items even if we had some means of identifying what was lost (which we have no means of doing).

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