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Missing Vendors

Where can I find the special items like resource exchange and a few others?
These are placed in traditional vending machines at town.

They cover the few things we could not implement into /s. The reason being is, shops operate off of a "currency". For those few things you see in the vending machines notice scrap is not the currency but each item has a different currency (stone, wood, frags, etc.). That would mean we'd need to make an entire shop section for EACH of those currencies. So we'd end up with 1 shop for metal frag currency that you can sell scrap to and nothing else, then another shop with wood as a currency and you can only sell stone to it, etc.

That seems very sloppy and an easier solution was just to put those few things in a classic vending machine at town. You can see an example of the location of these three vending machines below...

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