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Lost Everything

I died and lost literally everything I had, can I get some of it spawned in?

The first question would be why was everything you had in your main inventory when you get a free full size backpack that does not drop on death except in PVP and that can be optionally be expanded up to 4 additional full size backpacks that do not drop on death except in PVP. And additionally an optional second full size backpack that does not drop on death. And finally, you do have a base that cannot be looted by others.

All of that aside, the only time we can assist in corpse recovery is if the cause of death, and the cause of not being able to reach your items, is 100% at the fault of the map/plugins/server not working as intended. This does not mean just because our content (custom NPCs or monument) killed you that it is at fault. This does not mean if a Zombie Horde (which is our plugin) kills you it is our fault. This means something completely not working as intended. Things like this could be a hole in the map terrain that sends you under the map and you die. This could be an elevator glitch (known Rust bug) that just suicides you.

If your bag has despawned, it is too late, even if it was not your fault that you died. As stated in a hundred other FAQs, Rust does not log anything. We cannot force it to log things. We have no idea what you had in your inventory once it despawns. If you were running one of the recording software options we link and you just happened to have accessed your inventory recently before the "glitch death" then we might be able to recover those items based on that evidence.

The best bet is to get a ticket in immediately so we can try to find your things before they despawn. If your bag is obtainable through normal gameplay (you just can't seem to find it) we can only tell you it is obtainable. We will not get it for you. If it truly is glitched we will retrieve it.

And ultimately the real best bet (since admins do need sleep too) is to just not carry everything in your main inventory in the first place. Zero reason to do this, ever.

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