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Loot Access

As with all other aspects of support we cannot assist with issues arising from normal game play. Keep in mind, normal game play is not circumvented by the statement "but this is a custom monument" or "this is a custom map" to qualify your issue as 'not normal gameplay'.

In this specific situation normal gameplay is referencing gravity. If your heli debris and crates landed somewhere that an admin could no-clip into the air and drop a rock, and that rock could land or bounce to where your heli wreckage is located, it is normal gameplay.

An admin, if available, can log in and verify that your debris is in fact reachable (see above rock comparison). Note: It is still considered reachable even if doing so would get you stuck (ie. rock crevice) or killed (ie. volcano lava) or other unfortunate situation.

If your heli debris falls into a monument, behind a player's high walls, or on top of an unclimbable telephone wire pole, it is still considered normal gameplay and admins will not assist with recovering it.

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