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Patrol Heli / Bradley "Theft"

Someone stole my heli/bradley, what can I do?

Incorrect. This is not possible on our server.

If you call in a personal heli to fight, it is locked to you and your team. Nobody else can even damage it, none-the-less loot it or mine it.

The public heli/bradley are just that, public. They loot lock to whichever team is the first to breech the damage lock threshold. It is that way by design. We want the competition of players trying to out-damage each other for the kill.

If you keep missing out on the kill to someone else, do more damage or recruit some friends to form a team and then do more damage. If that still does not work, see what that other player is doing and learn from it.
No player on our server has abilities/tools that allow them to out damage you other than technique, items, skills, or enchantments.

So learn from it. That is the point of video games, learn from those who do it better, so you can improve.

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