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Email Collection

Why am I being required to provide an email address upon login?
I assure you I am not sharing your information or data with anyone.  Lot of crazy people lately trying to rip us off here. I have worked for half a decade, day and night, on these servers.  The trade off of me being willing to post so many details of our set up is that I am also going to force a few extra steps of trying to see that data because I am honestly sick of being back stabbed.  Notice some of the lesser info is not hidden behind a login wall?  Just the major stuff.

With your email address I can tie things together in order to ban someone from all my services (servers, discord, store, and website).  It is only being collected as a way to pair up who you are across those places.  Nothing more.  The reason it only asks some of you for an email address is if your steam profile does not share it when you login via steam, it will manually ask you for it.

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