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Base "Poof"

Why is my base gone?

There are only a set number of ways a base can "poof" on our server. They are listed below. There is literally no other way:

  • AutoPurge
    If you do not log on for a certain number of days it gets converted into an abandoned raid base
  • Admin
    These are all logged in admin discord
  • Decay
    Leaving the TC unlocked and someone steals the resources, or forgetting to put enough resources in
  • Heli damage
  • Bradley damage
  • Twig
    Twig can be destroyed by players. While against our rules it can still happen
  • Cargo Ship
    If built over water a player base can be hit by the cargo ship which completely deletes the base.
  • TC Connection
    TCs only protect building pieces they are connected by foundations to.  Many players think TCs have an area of effect.  This is not the case.  A base must be completely connected by foundations to the part of the base that contains the TC.
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