Want a true custom experience in Rust without 'buying' your way to victory? You've come to the right place. Time to nut up or shut up.

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Powerful, dedicated hardware


Custom, unique plugins


Friendly, non-toxic community


No pay2win donation model


Want a true custom experience in Rust without 'buying' your way to victory? You've come to the right place. Time to nut up or shut up.

Zombie Land PVE | Raidable NPC Bases | Custom Maps

Language: English

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Server Location: US, Northeast

Completely custom map EVERY wipe with custom NPCs, custom Zombies, custom Bradleys, and custom Monuments.

True raidable NPC bases. Not those "spawn a few NPCs on the ground outside" types that are the new rage. But our NPC bases have the custom NPCs throughout the inside like a real player.

Wipe cycle - roughly 10-12 days (varies to keep things even between force wipes)

  • REAL LIFE PRIZES given away to our players each month (ex: Last month was a $100 pair of Bluetooth headphones)
  • Very friendly modded server with 4 active admins. PVP is completely enabled for the final 24 hours before a wipe. There is a PVP zone that allows PVP 24/7 but this area is announced to you the moment you step in to prevent accidental PVP
  • The admins/staff are friendly and are constantly available to help other players (note: they are not permitted to help with things that are working as intended. For example if you enter Zombie Island solo and die, an admin will not recover your corpse)
  • This is a PLAY to win environment. Numerous bonuses for VIP and Veteran players but these are attainable through playtime. ZLevels Remastered also rewards you with harvesting, mining, gathering increase as your levels increase. But we do not just "sell" you AKs or anything.
  • Custom maps - Every monument is customized. New "monuments", and other things for players to fight and explore that just do not exist in normal maps. Never run out of fun things to do and discover.
  • Custom Bradleys roaming the streets of the map. Be careful!
  • Custom NPCs at monuments and other key custom locations. Even a hidden BOSS fight NPC that drops an entire end game kit plus guards half a dozen elite and military crates. He is extremely difficult, more than the patrol heli! Test your skills against him!
  • Quests installed with numerous quests that have increasing rewards (Server Rewards currency and items) as you complete harder quests.
  • Spawn your own personal boat, car, minicopter, etc. Obviously some items take higher rank (VIP, Veteran) to prevent swarms of copters all over the map.
  • Server Rewards - points are earned for everything you do... playtime, gathering, mining, harvesting, killing NPCs/animals, quests, voting daily, etc. Spend these points in the /s store on items, ammo, food, clothing, even quarries. Also has commands for sale (eg. "Daytime" or "Call chopper"). Also allows selling of certain resources or items for RP and allows transferring of RP to another player.
  • Home recyclers - simply type /rec and place your recycler in your base. Can pick up with hammer to move it.
  • Call your own helicopter or bradley from the /s store to fight and the loot is locked to you and your team
  • Backpacks mod - Have a full extra backpack that does not drop on death except during the "PVP Day"
  • Stack size modifications. Stack core resources up to 100,000 and other items (lesser stack size but still significantly more than default).
  • Bgrade mod - Auto upgrade as you build (if you have the resources) with a simple /bgrade 1, 2, 3, or 4 (wood, stone, metal, armor).
  • Remover tool /remove
  • Zombies all over the map with a few zombie hordes randomly roaming the map that increase in size as they encounter other zombies or kill a player. Also an island full of "hard" zombies with extremely fast respawns that swarm you. Higher health. damage, aggro range, etc. so be careful! But elite loot crates in the main building at the center. WARNING: Takes 5-6 players minimum to defeat. They are THAT hard.
  • Corpse location and death marker
  • Friends and clans mods installed
  • Auto furnace splitter with fuel trim etc.
  • Teleportation /home /warp and /tp
  • Smart chat bot - Answers commonly asked questions, and sometimes just has something witty to say

This is meant to be a first person shooter style server. Spawn in, fight, die, spawn right back in and get in the battle.

Zombie Land Battlefield Raidable NPCs | 1,000x | Minicopter Combat

Language: English

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  • Minicopters with full weapon systems
  • Unlimited kits ( Assault, Medic, Recon, etc.) that increase as you rank up (and get quite ridiculous at high ranks)
  • 1,000x gather
  • 10x loot
  • Portable utilities (recycler etc.)
  • NPC Raid bases
  • Custom map
  • Very fast smelting
  • XP level up (no researching blueprints)

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Zombie Land Rules

The Following rules apply to in game and in discord and anything else hosted by Zombie Land

The Golden Rule:

Above anything else, ask yourself the following two questions:

  1. Would I be ok if someone else did this to me?
  2. Would I do this if there was an admin floating over my shoulder watching?

If the answer to either of those questions is "No" then you are breaking our rules. These rules may not cover every scenario. Zombie Land staff reserves the right to handle any unique situations that fall outside the scope of these rules.

  • No cheating/exploiting

    Exploiting is defined as 'Using or abusing a design flaw, configuration flaw, or error/bug for personal gain or achievement in a way that was obviously not intended to be possible
  • Respect all players

    New players all the way to veterans to staff/admins... everyone is equal on our server. Treat others with kindness. This server is meant to be a sanctuary from the toxic community of Rust. This includes purposely causing grief to or harassing other players
  • Do not throw more than 4 supply signals at a time

    The supply drop airplanes can cause lag issues for other players, we limit players to only throwing 4 at a time. Once you have looted the 4, you may throw more
  • No racial/homophobic/hate speech

    This is an instant and permanent ban through an automated script. No questions asked
  • Do not block off access to map locations

    This includes anything built into the map, custom or vanilla, including but not limited to monuments, mini-monuments, cave entrances, tunnels, etc.
  • Do not build/deply on roads, rivers, or railroad tracks

    We have numerous mods and custom bradleys that utilize these features. Anything built or deployed on them will be deleted by admins and a warning given. Multiple infractions can result in a kick/ban
  • No damaging others structures with patrol heli aggro

    Do not engage the heli, or hide from the heli, near someone else's structure. Admins invisibly watch heli fights frequently, someone found to be purposely causing damage to another base is in violation of this rule
  • Do not build/deploy onto someone else's base unless during PVP

    This includes but is not limited to, placing ladders, twig, etc.
  • No fire weapons of any kind allowed on Zombie Island

    Do not use incen, fire ammo, etc. on Zombie Island. The constant hit markers on massive hordes of NPCs causes huge performance issues on the server and can cause players to crash or disconnect
  • No artificially bypassing Idle/AFK status

    You cannot use anything to keep yourself from being counted as 'idle' such as scripts, macros, or any other means. You are more than welcome to go AFK, but trying to fool our playtime trackers into thinking you are active is bannable
  • Do not destroy any twig currently being worked on

    If someone is "home" then you are not to destroy any twig on their base
  • Do not kill anyone when not in PVP (day/zone)

    This includes but is not limited to, purposely crashing on them with a copter, trying to push them under the map, etc.
  • Do not paint/wallpaper your base with rugs

    Decorating is fine but we forbid the use of rugs spammed all over a base to carpet, paint, or completely cover large areas in any other way. This causes client lag for other players
  • Do not block off large areas

    Players are welcome to make compounds but keep it within reason. The size of the base is not the concern as much as the size of the empty land you are 'claiming'.
  • Exploiting TC auth to fight heli is bannable

    Abusing TC authorization (not being authorized and fighting the heli from that base) to avoid base damage is a pure exploit and a ban on the first offense.
  • No political or religious discussions in any chat

    Due to vastly different opinions and beliefs and how serious some take them, we will no longer allow discussions of either of these topics.
  • Do not arm SAM sites until PVP is live

    There will be an announcement shortly before PVP day letting you know it is ok to load SAMs. They are allowed in the PVP zone all the time though.
  • Do not steal from other players

    This means if you did not earn it, you do not loot it. NPCs, crates, etc. If someone else is already there do not rush in and try to loot things they are already fighting for
  • Do not use Chinook to bypass defenses

    In PVE or PVP settings, you are not to use personal Chinook to bypass SAMs, turrets, or other defenses a minicopter could not get by
  • No despawning loot

    Do not dump large amounts of items from your chests on the ground for any reasons in PVE or PVP

Server Staff

T-Bird - Owner

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