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In Game Store

We provide an in game store via the /s command.  It has numerous items and custom commands available for purchase using RP (Reward Points).  It also has Bandit Camp and Outpost vending built in to provide an easy way of purchasing those items without having to travel to those locations.  This also saves on map space so that we can provide more content without having to lose a large area of land for those two locations.    

When purchasing items from the Bandit Camp and Outpost tabs players are required to physically be in our "Town"  in an effort to provide balance.  Being able to access those markets on the go would just be too overpowered.  Anything in the store that is purchased with RP can be done so from any location.  Items sold for RP can also receive a discount based on player rank.

Players also have the ability to sell things to the store.  The most common items sold are resources in exchange for RP.  There are other specialty items that can be sold too, for example players can "sell" some unwanted enchantment kits for a new random enchantment kit.

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