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Subscription Cancelation

How do I cancel/alter my subscription in the online store?

We offer two means of donating. One time, or subscription. Our server costs a ton of money to operate on a monthly basis, so we allow players to do a monthly donation to help support it. The moment you "proceed to payment" you are completely out of our control and in the hands of PayPal. Before that point our site forces you to read and accept our terms many times. We cannot cancel your subscriptions for you, that is a PayPal thing you must handle on your end. We have no way of making new charges or double charging you etc. We can only forward you on to PayPal and just pass along the amount you are donating, and whether you selected one time or monthly recurring. That's it. We cannot create / alter / cancel / delete any transactions. For security reasons PayPal does not allow 3rd party merchants like us to do such things.

So once more ... We have zero capability of creating/altering/canceling/deleting/etc transactions. If you get "double charged" that means you added that package to your cart twice (it shows you the total before you proceed). If you have a recurring monthly donation that means you specifically clicked that option in our store. And on top of this, all of the perks we offer for your donation are delivered within minutes for which reason we do not offer refunds under any circumstances. It does not matter if you play Rust, if you get banned, or if a meteor crashes through your roof ... we do not offer refunds and you are warned of this on every single page of our store. Anyone filing a chargeback against us will be automatically and permanently banned from all of our servers. No exceptions.

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