The following rules apply to in game and in discord or anything else hosted by Zombieland

  1. No cheating/exploiting
    Exploiting is defined as ‘Using or abusing a design flaw, configuration flaw, or error/bug for personal gain or achievement in a way that was obviously not intended to be possible

  2. Respect all players
    New players all the way to veterans to staff/admins… everyone is equal on our server. Treat others with kindness. This server is meant to be a sanctuary from the toxic community of Rust

  3. Do not throw more than 4 supply signals at a time
    The supply drop airplanes can cause lag issues for other players, we limit players to only throwing 4 at a time. Once you have looted the 4, you may throw more

  4. No racial/homophobic/hate speech
    This is an instant and permanent ban through an automated script. No questions asked

  5. Do not block off access to map locations
    This includes anything built into the map, custom or vanilla, including but not limited to monuments, mini-monuments, cave entrances, tunnels, etc.

  6. Do not build/deply on roads, rivers, or railroad tracks
    We have numerous mods and custom bradleys that utilize these features. Anything built or deployed on them will be deleted by admins and a warning given. Multiple infractions can result in a kick/ban

  7. No damaging others structures with patrol heli aggro
    Do not engage the heli, or hide from the heli, near someone else’s structure. Admins invisibly watch heli fights frequently, someone found to be purposely causing damage to another base is in violation of this rule

  8. Do not build/deploy onto someone else’s base unless during
    This includes but is not limited to, placing ladders, twig, etc.

  9. No fire weapons of any kind allowed on Zombie Island
    Do not use incen, fire ammo, etc. on Zombie Island. The constant hit markers on massive hordes of NPCs causes huge performance issues on the server and can cause players to crash or disconnect

  10. Do not destroy any twig currently being worked on
    If someone is “home” then you are not to destroy any twig on their base

  11. If someone is engaging a bradley, do not use C4 on it
    You may engage with ranged weapons, do not run up and C4 a bradley someone is already fighting

  12. Do not kill anyone when not in PVP (day/zone)
    This includes but is not limited to, purposely crashing on them with a copter, trying to push them under the map, etc.

  13. No more than one scrap copter per base/compound
    Regardless of how big your group is, do not keep more than one scrap copter at a time on your property. There are only a limited number that can spawn on the map

  14. Do not block off large areas
    Players are welcome to make compounds but keep it within reason. The size of the base is not the concern as much as the size of the empty land you are ‘claiming’.