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Website: With a fresh force-wipe coming I wanted to take a moment to invite everyone to come try out a truly incredible custom map and server configuration. If you do anything at all today, let reading the following list of features be it …

Server: Zombieland PVE | Custom Maps


Language: English

Server Loc: NE America


Direct connect – type in F1 console …


Tri-monthly wipe cycle. (roughly every 11 days) … Wipe Details

From top to bottom the map is purely customized. Even the “normal” monuments are far from it (will get to that further down). Here are just a few of the key things going on with this month’s Zombie Nation server (and this literally just scratches the surface…

  • Dynamic land layout: The land itself on this map is unique and has zero “lazy” locations in it. Every square meter of playable land is sculpted to actually feel like a realistic volcanic ocean island instead of just a giant landmass centered on your screen.

  • Huge jungle warfare Zombie Island: Cross the bridge and bring some friends. Zombie Island resembles a Vietnam style assault with deep forest jungle warfare in a huge zone. And perched on top of a peak in the center of this zone is a warehouse and tower housing numerous elite/mili crates with buffed up scientists guarding them. This is a 4+ person mission at the very least and offers our players a unique non-vanilla challenge to compete for.

  • Extensive PVP zone with custom events that only happen there: Our PVP zone is something we consider an integral part of the map, not just an empty “side” area nobody uses. It is so large that it houses MULTIPLE monuments (don’t worry there are a ton of non PVP monuments too). It also hosts multiple events such as the random treasure box (which has the best loot tables in the game) that spawns with a 15 minute auto unlock timer and then a 10 minute despawn timer to encourage players to “make a move”. Another event is that sometimes the patrol heli needs to land and refuel itself. It heads to the PVP zone, lands, scientists get out along with all their loot crates, and guard the heli while it sits refueling.

  • Custom Bradley’s patrolling the streets of the map and certain monuments. Still have the default Bradley at the launch site too for those who like an easier Bradley fight.

  • Plenty of custom things to do on the map. Storm the Mosque and fight NPCs and solve the puzzle to gain access to the red card loot room.

  • Discover the infected bunker and fight your way through the infected down to the basement where you must activate the loot room door locks and fight off waves of zombies while awaiting the doors to swing open.

  • Or make your way to the 007 Spy Mission monument made for teams of only the best Rust adventurers. Fight your way through countless custom NPCs and laser puzzles. Try not to set off the alarms or get mowed down by the sentries. Finally make your way to the final battle room and fight a super-buff boss NPC and all of his henchmen for the ultimate loot prizes.

  • If you want a more urban warfare “come and go as you please” style monument, head on over to the Oxums monument and fight your way through an urban setting with over 50 custom NPCs and 100+ custom placed loot containers.

  • Unique scenes placed all over the map with custom loot. Some of which are defended! Examples are a large shipwreck with loot crates scattered throughout it and custom NPCs guarding them, or a scientist convoy that crashed and is awaiting extraction.

  • Everything connected by roads for a more realistic operational landmass feel

  • Large 4,500 map (but not as laggy due to a lot of it not being land) with tons of custom monuments and THREE oil rigs (2 reg 1 large)

  • All “vanilla” monuments are also completely customized. Examples: Airfield 1Airfield 2Airfield 3Airfield 4Airfield 5Airfield 6Airfield 7Airfield 8

  • Very friendly modded server with multiple active admins providing constant coverage. Already have a decent group (average 50-70 online during prime time) of regulars on the server. PVP is completely enabled for the final 20 hours before a wipe. There is a PVP zone that allows PVP 24/7 but this area is announced to you the moment you step in to prevent accidental PVP.

  • The admins/staff are friendly and help other players (Good example, the other day someone’s game crashed flying a minicopter and they obviously died, told staff member in discord and they retrieved all his items and brought them to his base while he reloaded the game). We try to have admin coverage 24/7 but in the small window an admin is not around, we have a support bot that will instantly notify our staff directly to their cell phones when an issue arises.

  • We have regular server events. The other night the staff hosted scrap heli dog fights. We brought everyone to the PVP zone after they cleared their inventory. We split up into teams and kitted everyone out for some dog fights.

  • Races randomly start up. Every hour the server chooses between a boat, rhib, car, or copter race course and loads it up. Players joining the race are teleported in and put in god mode. Winners receive RP points. Everyone is teleported back to where they were after the race ends. As you can see these can get quite hilarious

  • We have arena events that include Free For All, Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, One in the Chamber, and Gun Game. These are insanely fun events and completely risk free. The server teleports you in to the arena, kits you up, and puts you back after the game is over. And you win tons of RP just participating. As you can see these are quite fun.

  • This is a PLAY to win environment. Numerous bonuses for VIP and Veteran players but these are easily attainable through playtime. ZLevels also rewards you with harvesting, mining, gathering increase as your levels increase. No AKs or Grenade Launchers or anything giving other players a serious advantage is for “sale” on this server neither will it ever be.

  • Quests installed with numerous quests that have increasing rewards (Server Rewards currency and items) as you complete harder quests.

  • Starter kits (do a /kit) and increasingly nicer kits (VIP, Veteran, etc.) plus a daily supply signal.

  • Spawn your own personal boat, car, minicopter, etc. Obviously some items take higher rank (VIP, Veteran) to prevent swarms of copters all over the map.

  • Server Rewards – points are earned for everything you do… playtime, gathering, mining, harvesting, killing NPCs/animals, quests, voting daily, etc. Spend these points in the /s store on items, ammo, food, clothing, even quarries. Also has commands for sale (eg. “Daytime” or “Call chopper”). Also allows selling of certain resources or items for RP and allows transferring of RP to another player.

  • Home recyclers – simply type /rec and place your recycler in your base. Can pick up with hammer to move it.

  • Call your own helicopter to fight and the loot is all yours when you kill it (command purchased in /s store)

  • Backpacks mod – Have a full extra backpack that does not drop on death except during the “PVP Day”

  • Stack size modifications. Stack core resources up to 100,000 and other items (lesser stack size but still significantly more than default).

  • Bgrade mod and Enchanged Hammer- Auto upgrade as you build (if you have the resources) with a simple /bgrade 1, 2, 3, or 4 (wood, stone, metal, armor). Auto cancels after a bit of no building so you don’t accidentally build an armored foundation or something later. Or use the enhanced hammer to one click upgrade things without having to select it each time.

  • Remover tool /remove lets you quickly tear down construction sections or even deployed items. Destroying construction refunds some of the resources (not 100%) and destroying an item (chest, workbench, etc.) takes a little bit of the resources used in making that item as a payment but puts the item itself back in your inventory.

  • Custom Zombies all over the map with a few zombie hordes randomly roaming the map that increase in size as they encounter other zombies or kill a player.

  • Corpse location and death marker

  • Friends and clans mods installed

  • Auto furnace splitter with fuel trim etc. Quick Smelt also active but not too high to make it “easy mode”

  • Skinbox and Skin Shop- drag an item into the skinbox interface and see examples of all the available skins (it picks the current most popular skins) then just drag the skin you want back into your inventory. Available for every skinnable item in the game. Or type /skin shop for an extensive set of skins.

  • Home teleportation. Stand on a foundation (not building blocked by someone else) and type /sethome NAME to be able to teleport back to that spot with a simple /home menu. As you increase in rank (VIP, veteran) so does your homes count. Useful for setting a spot near your favorite farming area, monument, friends house, etc.

  • Warp teleportation available to Bandit Camp and Outpost where numerous vending machines contain many valuable things for trade (can even sell resources for scrap). Also warp to the server “Town” which has more vendors and a town hall with research table, workbenches, etc. And warp to Zombie Island compound and fight for your life!

  • TP teleportation to other players. Simply type /tp then select a player from the list and once they accept it you will start teleporting to them. TP, home, and warp do have cooldowns and timers (that get shorter as your rank increases, veterans are instant) and do NOT work if taking damage in any form (cold, rad, starve, PVP) so as not to be a form of ‘cheating’

  • Player challenges mod with custom titles added to the name of the person in 1st place for each category. (ie. “Assassin”, “Hunter”, “Deadshot”, etc.)

  • Loot prevention protects your furnaces, quarries, chests, etc. from being opened by other players. No need to wall off furnaces or quarries anymore. Just have them within TC area. Can even share access with clan members or friends

  • Private messaging system simply /pm NAME or /r to reply

  • RustIO livemap integration

  • Smart chat bot that upon certain keywords will answer common questions or even just get smart with you at times LOL. Who doesn’t need a sassy little chat bot, right?

Anyways, would love to see you all there. Looking to get a slightly larger base of regulars. Our server really is a lot of fun, and most of all it is a sanctuary from the toxic attitudes that run rampant in Rust. We do not tolerate it here. Our players are friendly and helpful and just one big tight knit family we’d love for you to be a part of.

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